Neck & Shoulders

5.04 – 7.04.2024
St. Radegund, Austria

Tight Neck and shoulders? Why is that so common in our society? What do we carry on our shoulders and which understanding would help us to release the tension in that area? In this weekend seminar we will explore possibilities to relax the neck & shoulders area and the topics linked to it.

Nuad mit den Füßen
Nuad with the feet

12.04 – 14.04.2024
Wien, Österreich

Wir werden uns intensiv und spielfreudig damit beschäftigen, wie wir mit unseren Füßen den ganzen Körper behandeln können, tief und gleichzeitig sanft. Gearbeitet wird im Stehen als auch im Sitzen, statisch und auch auf dynamische Art.

Nuad Basic – The Sacred Dance

19.04 – 9.06.2024
Eisenstadt, Austria

In this fundamental training, we explore the art of touch in harmony with the breath. We study how to maintain a healthy and comfortable body posture so both the giver and receiver can benefit from the rich practice of Thai Yoga Massage.

The Morjim Sequences

7.05 – 13.05.2024
Sunshine House, Greece

We will explore short sequences focusing on different body parts with therapeutical effects. We combine different approaches to work on the body, from static to dynamic, fascia to cranioscal and other osteopathic principles.

The Art & Joy of Stretching

29.06 – 3.07.2024
Schönried, Switzerland

Stretches can bring mobility, increase flexibility and open up muscular tension and energetic blockages. In this course we will explore many new ways to stretch as well repeat some from the basic course with deeper investigation.

Intuitive Journey

6.08 – 16.08.2024
Dvur Svatá Maří, Czech Republic

Join us on a journey through the chakra system with clear, structured bodywork sequences. Additional practices lead to a deeper experience and understanding of each chakra and its relation to emotions and life topics.

Dynamic Thai
The other Dimension of Thai Massage

10.09 – 15.09.2024
Landsee, Austria

Dynamic Thai is a unique method inspired by the work of the Thai Master Chaiyuth Priyasith combined with techniques from Osteopathy. Bring your treatments to another level by improving continuity, fluidity and change of rythm in your practice.