“Sia is a funny, light and warm hearted and also really sensitive guy. He knows and feels exactly what he is doing. His Massages are just beautiful, full of love and deep release… totally recommended!!”


“I attended Sia’s workshop in Turkey, I have never taken a massage course before, but I was very surprised on the transformations that took place. Sia is very patient and caring while teaching to accommodate to all levels.

I felt comfortable and really enjoyed every aspect. At the end of the workshop, everyone looked so beautiful and connected to one another. I feel inspired to continue on my path of healing myself and others.”


“Last year’s intuitive – or shall I say transformation – journey has changed my life completely. I went there right after the death of my beloved grandma, which did not make much sense, but I felt a deep pull towards this experience.

During this week, I connected deeply with my intuition and also with the spiritual world as such. So much transformation has happened within me, so much could be released – physically, emotionally, energetically and mentally – and I discovered such a profound clarity for many areas of my life.

I went home and quit my job… and am now working as a Holistic Coach to support others on their beautiful journeys. I am forever grateful for having taken this step to join the retreat and I can only recommend it to anyone who wants to go deep.”


“My experience with Sia was deep, profound and transformative. He quickly went to the point and opened up some topics that had been stagnating in me, in my body and in my soul and helped me work on them, both with his hands and body, and very importantly, accompanied with his words. He was quite a trigger and a guide for a big change in my life that had started happening, and directly and indirectly in some peoples lives.”


“I attended a 5 day Thai yoga massage course with Sia in Switzerland and his kindness, experience and intuition translate in the way he transmits his valuable knowledge to his students. I know it’s only a matter of time before I join another one of his courses, and receive one of his intense and transformational massages.”


“What a trip ! Strong energy, we traveled by deep emotions from the body to the soul. Go go go for it.”


” When remembering and reflecting the mind-blowing week in Slovakia with you last summer, the journey to the chakras, I have to say it changed my life completely! (at least almost:-))…six weeks after this retreat I met my soulmate, my love, my friend… and I am still very happy with him:-)  I am sure this happened because some of my blockades around my heart and second chakra disappeared during this week in Slovakia. I felt less fear, felt more connected to my intuition. I stopped listening to all the critical and judging voices inside of me.

After a long period of time I was able again to get in a deeper connection to myself and to someone else. The second big change in my life was the decision to quit my job as psychotherapist in a clinic. I took some months off  to travel and to do yoga and started two months ago with my own psychotherapy practice.

I am very confident and happy with this new path in my life. Thank you so much, dear Sia and dear Silvia for the transforming experience.”